Basic anime rendering in Photoshop

Basic anime rendering in Photoshop

I did this Basic Anime Rendering in Photoshop tutorial a while back. I first posted it on my DeviantArt gallery. It has received quite a number of sugoi feedback from fellow artists. Since this blog is all about sugoi stuff, I decided to repost it here.

Basic Anime Rendering in Photoshop

The tutorial’s a large JPG file (638KB) so it may take a bit of time to load. If you want to see more of my work, just visit my DeviantArt gallery.

Author: Akutenshi 13

AKA Layk-da-Shadows, Master-Vision. Akutenshi was a trained ninja from birth. Tired of running over water and catching arrows with eyes closed, he left his ninja clan in pursuit of another purpose. Stumbling upon some ancient portal, he was transported to modern day Metro Manila. Using his ninja skills for survival, he found out that his deft hands were also good in art. After spending a few years in some doobie-laden fine arts college, he struck out in the world as a graphic artist. He has since become a Photoshop and Flash animation sensei. He also works as a part-time kamen rider saving lives and collecting action/sexy figures and gachapons for world peace.

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  1. one word, pare: SUGOI! or is it MOE? hehe

  2. Sugee! XP

  3. honto ni sugee!!!
    is it difficult to do this in photoshop?

  4. No it’s not. Since this is after all done with Photoshop in mind. As long as you’re familiar with the tools. ^__^


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