Cine Adarna February screenings

For movie buffs with a fifty-peso budget such as I, nothing beats Cine Adarna of the UP Film Institute located in the Diliman Campus of the University of the Philippines.

Cine Adarna may not show the latest wide screen offerings, but they do hold local and international film festivals (Cinemalaya and Eigasai among many others), advance screenings of Pinoy indie films (screams, “Papa Ping!“), uncut versions of popular movies (uy, sex na ba? sex na ba? ayan, sex na!), and foreign art house favorites (Voulez vous coucher avec moi?).

Pretty neat, huh? Well, enough about that. Here is Cine Adarna’s Feb sked:

Feb 17 Sat
2/7 p.m. Secretary
5 p.m. Hard Bullet

Feb 19 Mon
7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

Feb 20 Tue
5/7 p.m. Mowelfund Event

Feb 21 Wed
2 p.m. Date with the F4: Magic Kitchen
5 p.m. Date with the F4: Star Runner
7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

Feb 22 Thu
5 p.m. Griffin & Phoenix
7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

Feb 23 Fri
5 p.m. onwards – Signed: Lino Brocka/A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino (@ the Videotheque)
8:30 p.m. Cine al Fresco

Feb 24 Sat
2 p.m. Date with the F4: Sky of Love
5/7 p.m. Twilight Dancers (Uncut!)

Feb 26 Mon
2/7 p.m. Wicker Park
5 p.m. Lucky Number Slevin

Feb 27 Tue
2/7 p.m. Lucky Number Slevin
5 p.m. Happy Feet

Feb 28 Wed
2 p.m. Date with the F4: Sky of Love
5/7:30 p.m. Premiere: Seroks

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