Kyou no Nihongo: omedetou

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Today’s Japanese word:
most commonly used as “omedetou gozaimasu




Simple Definitions:


I passed my Japanese Language Proficiency Test. What do you say?
Congratulations, Flori! But it’s no surprise really.
Hayop ka, Flori! Sugoi ka talaga!

Haha! Yeah, I know. I’m gloating but getting the result was such a relief! I knew I could do it, but it had been so long since I’ve answered any written exam. Saying I was pretty scared back then was an understatement. I slept the whole afternoon when I got home from the exam. But that was almost three months ago and not that much important compared to THIS!

My only regret is I could’ve passed the exam for a much higher level only if I had taken it right after I got home from Japan ( I was a Japayuki, remember?).

Well, ’nuff about that. I’d just like to thank my friend and sensei, Ms. Roelia Alvarez who patiently helped me get back into (Nihongo) shape.?????????????

Yesterday’s Japanese word:

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