Pasta follow-up

I just love cooking and eating pasta. I practically cook spaghetti once a week. So to save me multiple-trips to the grocery, I shop for a month’s worth of spaghetti. I buy the following:

1 kilo spaghetti noodles
Since I only cook for three people, 1 kilo of spaghetti is too much. For my family, Two hundred fifty grams is more than enough for a hearty lunch. It can also hold us up to a quick merienda, and even a light dinner! So I cook only what I need and put the rest of the spaghetti noodles in a pasta canister. This way, I still have enough for 3 pasta dishes later on without going to the grocery.

1 big can of tomato paste
I only use half a cup of tomato paste. I put the rest in a recycled mayo jar. I never store the can itself in the refrigerator because tin rusts and we don’t want too much iron in our food, do we?

4 small cans or 2 large cans of mushrooms
4 small cans or 2 large cans of hot and spicy tuna

I usually buy the small cans and store them in the cupboard. This way, all I have to do is grab a can of each when I cook.

Of course, length of storage depends on the expiration date of the foodstuff. But by doing this, I am ensured of a weekly pasta treat and save gas or fare money in the process too!

For how exactly I cook the spaghetti, click here!

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