Someone says no to otaku!

Speaking of cosplay, apparently, not everyone in international anime/cosplay communities are fond of otakus. I came across this site, F*ckin’ Otaku which, according to the F*ckin Otaku team itself, aims to:

… (as necessary) define, address, attack, and caution against the dangers of the world of fandom. After all, it’s easy enough to make fun of the obvious social deficiencies in otaku (and we do!) but if we can do something that will, perhaps, lessen the overwhelming stench of a con viewing room, then we will have made an invaulable contribution to society.

Our goal is a multi-pronged assault on the scourge of otaku: public humiliation and derision of otaku, the shattering of fanboy illusions through crossdressing as their favorite characters, and, most importantly, forming a support group and outlet of rage at the most obnoxious and horrifying fans within the anime community. 🙂

I guess you’ll just have to be a little open-minded if you are a self-proclaimed otaku and you wish to read the articles or browse through the cosplay pictures on this site. Personally, as a reformed otaku myself, I found the bits and pieces here quite harmless and entertaining.

Unfortunately, F*uckin’ Otaku has not been updated for more than a year. And though it hasn’t convinced me to say a complete “no” to otaku, the site is not bad for an hour or less of harmless internet fun.

Author: Flori

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