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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I’m not Chinese but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the Chinese New Year as much as the next Chinese guy. After all, the celebration always heralds the abundance of one of my many favorite Chinese delicacies, the tikoy.

This Chinese New Year pudding, also known as nian gao, is made from glutinous rice and sugar not unlike Japanese mochi. Unfortunately, most people, especially the non-Chinese, only know of one way to prepare this sticky but tasty fare – and that is to fry it after dipping it in beaten egg.

So if you have lots of Chinese friends and you’ve been given more tikoy than you can handle, here are a couple of alternative ways of cooking the delicacy which do not exactly entail you to buy a carton of eggs as well.

Tikoy Stick

Cut tikoy in cheese-stick sizes. Wrap in lumpia wrapper. Fry until golden brown. Dunk in your favorite sweet dip. I recommend cheese spread and condensed milk.

Tikoy Recipe No. 2
a.k.a Tikoy in Peanut Butter
a.k.a Tikoy con Mani
a.k.a Mani con Tikoy
a.k.a Peanutikoy

I guess that brought a barrel of laughs from everyone. I had a hard time naming the recipe with the first not quite making it and the rest sounding quite lewd. But I had a harder time omitting to type the rejected names here either.

Anyway, this second recipe is just a variation of the Tikoy Stick. But before wrapping, you can smother the tikoy in peanut butter. You may also try halayang ube or a slice of cheese as peanut butter substitute. Fry as usual.

More tikoy suggestions? Feel free to add!

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  1. This will really help. You kind of tend to get tired of the tikoy and egg recipe. :p

    Will try the 2nd recipe. ^__^

  2. Hmmm… Ang tikoy, masarap! Hehehe. Bastus!


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