Care for a different kind of Kiss?

For manga (that’s Japanese comic book for the laymen) enthusiasts out there, there’s a brand new haven for you just lying in the heart of Makati City. I excitedly present to you – Manga Kissa 10! I don’t exactly know whom to thank, but by golly jeez! I never thought there would be an authentic Japanese manga cafe here in the Philippines just an MRT (and jeepney) ride away!

Cafe Entrance

Care to be enticed?


Cafe Interior

Now to get there…

Cafe Map

Team Sugoi actually got there via MRT. We got off at the Buendia station (took the South bound exit) and took a jeepney (there’s a terminal across the street from the MRT station). We got off before the intersection between Buendia Avenue a.k.a Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and Pasong Tamo. We crossed the street and got on the jeep with the Mantrade MRT sign. The cafe is on the right side so be attentive, but you really can’t miss it with its huge orange sign.

NOTE: Please read vizard’s comment below for an alternative route. Thanks, vizard!

Team Sugoi in MRT
F.Y.I. Akutenshi_13 was standing right beside Alex. I wonder what would their respective girls say about that, huh?

Cafe hours are from 11 A.M. to 12 MN, Sundays to Thursdays and 11 A.M. to 2 A.M. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The first hour costs 200 PhP plus 125 PhP for each succeeding 30 minutes. For those who mean to get a better deal, they can pay 530 PhP for 3 hours or 790 PhP for 5 hours.

Price Guide

Personally, I think the price is a little steep for the average Pinoy manga fan, even if there is a drink-all-you-can service. You can have all the juice (apple, pineapple, orange), tea, coffee, water, and mini pretzels you want since its part of the fee (the pastries you have to pay for separately)! Oh, and not to mention the waitresses in maid uniforms ! And to our delight, they also curtsy as they serve! The guys (yes, even us girls) had hoped that they would say, “Go shuujin-sama,” but perhaps the “maids” thought we would find that bit a little weird. But nothing is weirder than us. Alas, of course they didn’t know that bit. *Insert manic laugh*

Too bad that man is facing the other way…

Anyway, I guess the target market is really the Japanese ex-pats who reside in the neighboring subdivisions or those who work in the yuppy district. Almost all the reading materials are in Japanese (except for some Philippine-published mags), so you really have to know how to read kanji to make it worth your money. Aside from that, majority of the manga cater to the males (shounen manga). Miss Irish said that the shoujo manga (think Harlequin, Sillhouete, Mills & Boon in comic book format) will be coming in next week. Apparently, female customers have been pouring in their requests.

I have a request of my own though, I hope they also get some manga in English. There are a lot of Pinoys out there who would love to fully avail of the cafe’s services but very few can read kanji (good thing I can read a bit). If anyone from Manga Kissa 10 is reading, please do consider this. Trust me, Pinoys will flock to the cafe.

NOTE: Check Manga Kissa 10’s comment below. They assure us that they’ll be getting English titles too, and soon! Yey for us and yey for them! Thanks, Manga Kissa 10!

Miss Irish
The kawaii Miss Irish!

Fortunately, they do encourage people to just have a look-around minus the reading and the refreshment, of course.

Manga galore!

More Manga
…And more!

One of the waitresses said that sometimes there are people who would go in just to use the computers for web browsing. I almost forgot! The computers can also function as DVD players. They do have a small (but growing) collection of DVD’s, just in case a customer gets tired of reading. Neat, huh?

And here are the F.o.T.S (Friends of Team Sugoi)!

Sugoi Stuff
We put the what in what?!



Voda Phone
You can also inquire about Vodafone units here!

What is Flori reading? Oh wait, I am Flori!

We girls are sticklers for a clean bathroom… and we were not disappointed!

You cannot get rid of Sugoi! Beware… it’s everywhere!

Sorry… still have a 300 hangover.

And the cafe has a smoking area too. Mind the fire extinguisher!

And last…

We were there!

Hope you get the chance to be there too!

Some photos were taken from Manga Kissa 10’s Multiply site.

Author: Flori

… is virtually a free spirit who loves independent movies, literature, graphic novels, pop culture, music (especially indie rock and jazz), food, cooking, vintage fashion, and Alpha Males. Read more Flori melodrama on Short Term Effect .

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  1. they forgot to wear nekomimi and megane for the win! XP

  2. Instead of taking two jeepney rides, you could get off at Magallanes Station AKA Mantrade (which explains the “Mantrade MRT” sign). Take a short walk to Pasong Tamo and get on a westbound jeepney (PRC, Washington, etc). The fare should be 7 pesos but if you don’t have the exact amount, just say “Makati Square”.

  3. Thanks, Vizard! Very valuable info! Oh and so that explains the Mantrade thing. And I thought… hehehehe

  4. aw! too expensive!! well, if there were english translations, i’d give it a go

  5. Thanks for this article . We are now in the process of including manga translated in english . Just give us a little more time to comply. Thanks again and we are very happy to hear more from all of u

  6. Thank you, Manga Kissa 10!

  7. Wow! I hope they would hire more “cute” gals hehehe. And add a massaging service lolz.

  8. Hehe, I don’t think you’re still referring to a manga kissa, Hello Kitty. But I know what you’re getting at. Hehe 😀

  9. waaah!! it IS too steep!! W(T^T)W
    would the “look-around minus the reading and the refreshment” cost anything?? XDDD

  10. it’s free to look around. 😀

  11. Hehe, yes… the French maid outfits. I knew my girl was ready to kick my nuts for my “Wow, French maid outfits” remark. Hehehe.

  12. Yup, please don’t let the price discourage you. Just with the drink-all-you-can and the fact that you’ll have to fly to Japan to experience such a thing is already worth it!

  13. My, oh my! We just passed by the area some weeks ago… Hmmm… Now I know where to find the babes in maid suit =^^= Sugoi!

  14. I want that phone!!!! X3

  15. Hello, guy? 😛

  16. SUGOI DESU YO!!!

  17. Wow! That’s pretty cool! I’m amazed there’s actually something like that here in the Philippines! (Then again, its Makati, and you can always expect something from Makati… no matter how far it is. Haha.)

    Thank you for sharing! I’d like to visit there sometime (I probably will). Yay.

    And yesss. The Kissa10 pun astounds me. Haha.

  18. I thank God I’ve been there at Manga Kissa 10…
    It’s ccol!! Most of the things there in Manga Kissa is so cool! Really 🙂

  19. @ Nani: haha sugoi desu ne?

    @ psychedelic aya: No prob. you have to see it to believe it. Be sure to bring friends too.

    @ PSA374: ditto, my friend 🙂

  20. maybe you should not allow minors to work there at your manga kissa 10 cafe… that was exploiting on minors side… maybe the government might noticed that as i notify them… that was child laboring or corrupting of minor… this is just a piece of advice!

  21. i am a government volunteer and i am based there nearby manga kissa 10… some of your maids / waitresses are minors… you dont have to deny it because it is quite obviously… now what your management can say now?

  22. @kaede_rukawa, suwase san: Judging by your e-mail address and IP addresses, you’re the same person (or using the same PC) using a net connection related to one government office.

    We here at Sugoi Stuff just plainly report and feature things related to the J-culture, anime and manga community here in the Philippines.

    We believe that minor exploitation is a bad thing, however, if you have anything against the management of Manga Kissa 10, please direct your comments to them, not here. Your quoted comment above (wow! i like..) is rather crass and tasteless and should not have been posted here (whoever you quoted that from should be schooled on etiquette).

    If you are indeed a government volunteer, please direct them to proper authority. You probably know who to contact first (DSWD? DOLE?)

    Is hiring minors for waiting work illegal? Besides, the French maid costume is essential in giving it a manga cafe vibe, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

    Thanks for dropping by anyway.

  23. were not hiring minors they just look like young,we’re in a manga anime business so our staff must porprey an anime look i guest looking young is not bad,those who commenting on that matter come and check it out.

  24. Oooh~ I hope you guys have an English section soon. 😀

  25. (that was directed to the cafe, not the sugoi stuff people -_-; XD)

  26. I hope so too 😀 Hi, L~! Thanks for dropping by here 😀

  27. I just happen to stumble upon this link and was pleasantly surprised that there was such a cafe and in Makati too ^_~ the price is a bit steep but if the service and the overall atmosphere of the shop is good then its worth it i just hope that you guys will have English manga soon cause i can’t read Kanji O_O;;;;

  28. we already have english translated manga

  29. just wanna know if they also sell their mangas and magazines co’z i want to take home some of that 😀

  30. yo, yoh!

    haha i really don’t know if they do but last i checked they weren’t. but you can ask, maybe they have some worn issues. good luck!

  31. I see, so ganun pala itsura ng mangga kissa sa loob, thanks for the information, really useful. Kala ko kasi nung una, isa syang magazine publication with lots of comic artist.

  32. Hello, chemist2dio. No problem. Thanks also for dropping by! 😀

  33. i never thought there is a store like that in philippines but ive dreamt of it….this vacation i will force my parents that i should go there! this is really amazing!

  34. do we have to pay before entering or how much does one manga cost? (least expensive)

  35. Hello, animelover!

    There’s a fee you have to pay upon entering and it goes by the hour. 😀

  36. well..can i ask…how much per hour and does the employees there speak tagalog?!

  37. I don’t know if the rates have changed since the last time I’ve been there but as stated above:

    The first hour costs 200 PhP plus 125 PhP for each succeeding 30 minutes. For those who mean to get a better deal, they can pay 530 PhP for 3 hours or 790 PhP for 5 hours.

    And yes, the cafe maids there speak Tagalog and Nihongo. You can check their multiply site if you want:

  38. flori….really…thanks for answering!!^___^

  39. no prob 😀

  40. uhmmm…

    i already opened the website but…

    it seems somehow they’re not updated…are they?

    well…sorry if im being so pushy..haha

  41. maybe ill ask you..

    have u seen any gakuen alice manga there..

    hontoni gomennasai im really pushy when it comes to animes..

    dakara…onegai shimasu!..arigato gozaimasu for answering even though im too pushy haha..sorekara…hajimemashite flori-chan..!

    yoroshiku onegai shimasu!


    nihonggo desu ka?!

  42. Gomen ne, osokatta watashi no henji.
    Saikin chotto isogashii kara, amari post mo dekinakute sumimasen.

    Haha to tell you the truth, we were too busy snooping around so none of Team Sugoi had the chance to read!

    Anyway, if they have a contact number (I’m sure they have it in their multiply) maybe you can ask them. Or you can leave a message there.

    We love answering questions, so don’t hesitate to ask,ne?

  43. arigato gozaimasu..

    demo watashi wa nihonggo janai!

    im a filipino..hehe

    demo hontoni arigato!

  44. are they selling the mangas or just for library use only?

  45. Oh~ I hope they would say “Go shuujin-sama” soon xD so that the experience would be complete~ =D

  46. @ Liza: The mangas are for library use only, though you can probably ask if they have some for sale 😀

    @ aviadreams: Oh I bet it would surely make any guy’s day 😛


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