Care to join us in hypothesizing why Maria Ozawa does it?

Care to join us in hypothesizing why Maria Ozawa does it?

Author’s Note: If you happen to be this writer’s girlfriend, please understand that this is only for the purposes of enlightened discussion.

Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa. The face that lights up a thousand (a million?) pants.

Team Sugoi has had this discussion over and over and over again. Via IM. Over coffee. Over beer. Still, we haven’t really put up a consensus on why she does it. The thousand-peso question – Why does Maria Ozawa do porn?

More on Maria Ozawa after the cut.

Here are our common thoughts:

  • She sure has some off angles and shots, but she’s pretty.
  • With a hot bod and a pretty face, why not stick to modeling?
  • How can she do it?
  • Her partners in AVs are ugly as orcs. Given that she really does it, how can she do it with them?
  • And a thought shared by men from our greater barkada, “Sana ako na lang!
  • She knows English. Why doesn’t she do Western porn?

Our hypotheses:

  • She had a troubled childhood.
  • She’s a nympho.
  • She’s owned by mafia.
  • She’s a nympho.

Oh heck! Care to share any thoughts?

If you’re stumped as well, just watch this:

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  1. Probably because sex sells, and getting rich through porn is the easiest route. A liberated practical woman I say.

  2. Akin yung suggestion na nympho siya 😛 Nyahahahaha!

    Kasi naman, I totally can’t understand how she can stand “working” with actors who are… *shudders*

    I love her (in a totally hetero platonic wish-I-look-like-her way)!

  3. And I have yet to see any of her videos. Honestly.


    (And no, the intro doesn’t count)

    Comment re: doing it with “certain” actors–

    So “normal” people can relate? Suspension of disbelief is… not required? XD

  4. She does it because she’s a nice girl and she cares about people like me.

  5. Maria Ozawa. How I wish. 🙁

  6. not to mention she looks better than most if not all filipina artistas.. shes like a more perfect version of angelica panganiban

  7. Yakuza yung mga partners niya lagot!!! Kowai…

  8. Baka naman subok lang 😀 gusto lang nya ma-experience. But then I can be wrong.

  9. Thanks for commenting, guys (and er, gal?)!

    Hehe, dimaks. I can imagine it actually.

    “Hmm… I wanna try that one. Looks fun to meh!”

    Oh my…

  10. maybe mafia owned her? but damn how could things like this happen to such a beautiful creature..

  11. wow, that’s one angle that we haven’t thought of! ne, minna?

  12. she’s owned by mafia? wtf? is that true? d sya makakaalis dun hanggang mamatay na lng sya saynag sya mga guys kasi ang ganda nya… wish ko lng sana mag bago na sya

  13. Hey, Nik. No proof if she is indeed.
    Just a theory there. Anyway, I heard her new stuff aren’t as good as her work when she was still in S1 😛

  14. hehe.. look at her bio in wikipedia.. its all there, nympho, definitely.. =) but shes all grown up now.. lol maria ozawa.. hmmmmmmmmmmheheh

  15. Thanks for the posing. She’s a real pretty girl. I don’t know why she does JAV porn too.

  16. Facts – 1) She applied to be a pornstar, she was not recruited unlike the other JAV stars, therefore she is not owned by any Mafia.
    2) She researched the JAV porn industry (maybe this is the reason why she applied so the she can claim the agent’s commission) and therefore she knows the ins and outs of the industry.
    3) She has done a TV commercial before entering the industry, so she was trying to be an actress, TV or movie personality.

    Analysis : Given that she researched the industry and was trying to be an actress, or an entertainment figure. I think it is safe to assume that she entered the porn industry as an easy route for stardom. She must have read the biography of Ai Iijima, another beautiful and famous JAV actress, who became a prominent TV personality, after doing 100 JAV movies. Ai Iijima does not speak english, and therefore she have an advantage to take the same route.

  17. You may have hit it on the mark with No. 1. Sadly, it could be her sweet revenge against someone she loves deeply and hates with just as much passion.

  18. well i like her but dude “wala b syang pity to her self” 1 guy is enough no need for a cum bath video with many guys around ……..have mercy nmn….


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