Kyou no Nihongo: heiki

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Today’s Japanese word:




Simple Definitions:
No problem!
It’s ok!
Forget about it!


You are walking down the school hallway when you see your crush coming towards you. You hold your head up high and try to add a seductive sway to your hip. But when he almost passes you by, your sudden boost of confidence suddenly goes to a free fall as you trip on your toes right in front of him.
What do you say as you try get your composure back?
Or you can run away and never, ever show your face to him again.

You see your pretty teacher trying to open the door to her private room with an armload of test papers and teaching materials. Being the gallant knight in shining armor that you are, you rescue her and take all of the stuff from her. She asks if you’re fine with it.
What do you say even as you feel every gram of the weight in your arms?
Tsk, boys talaga!

You are slowing down your car as the traffic light turns yellow. Suddenly, you feel a jolt as the car behind you bumps into your rear bumper. You get off your car, ready to bash the head of the idiot driver. As the window of the other driver’s car rolls down, your tongue hangs out of your head. You can’t believe it’s Maria Ozawa behind the wheel!
What do you say (hell you have to say something at some point!)?
FLORI:Anong heiki?! Gasgas na nga kotse mo, heiki parin?
YOU:Pero Flori, si Maria Ozawa yun eh…

Your boyfriend calls you and tells you he can’t make it to your dinner date, pleading a late company meeting. Being the understanding girlfriend, you say it’s fine even though you are already dressed to the nines. Since you don’t want to waste your effort in getting pretty-fied, you decide not to cancel your dinner reservation, and invite a friend to dine with you instead. As you step off your friend’s car at the resto parking lot, you see your boyfriend getting in his with his ex girlfriend. Your friend touches your shoulder and asks, “Are you okay?”
What do you say?
Or you can just go over to him and smash his car. But then again, you have more class than that. Yeah, just stick with heiki and break up with the schmuck after partying the rest of the night away.

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