Pinoy movie title massacre: Lord, ano ba ito?

Nestor Torre of the Philippine Daily Inquirer has a very interesting article called, “Wanted: More creative and evocative movie titles … please.”

Come to think of it, the list of Pinoy movies has been deluged with titles such as:

Iputok Mo… Dadapa Ako (1990)
Kapag Ang Palay Naging Bigas… May Bumayo (2002)
Romeo Loves Juliet… But Their Families Hate Each Other! (1989)

And don’t forget those Carlo J. Caparas masscare movie titles. I mean, he has his moments but sometimes the titles are just too… out there. Hmm…

I cringe.

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  1. You forgot movies with tiles like:

    Patikim ng Pinya


  2. Or the most relevant:

    Ang Magmamani – 1938
    Tigang na Lupa – 1950
    Lord, Give Me a Lover

  3. Inay, bakit ka umutot?
    Anak, hindi ko na matiis.. panggulo lang 😀

  4. Funny but they do have character, noh? Panalong panalo.

    Hahaha, I can just see the text bigger than the faces of the stars on the billboards.

  5. Yung bloopers ng ginagawa naming short thriller film na nag-re-revolve around an elevator will have “Kapag bumukas, may pumindot” as a title. LOL

  6. Ooh… push the button lemonade! Nyaha!

  7. the title i hate most is:
    “Tiyanak: This baby can kill, but can anyone kill this baby?”

    natalo kami sa charades dahil diyan!!

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