Summer sizzles with Sandwich’s Sunburn video

And I love alliterative titles. Anyway, do we have tanning salon’s here in Manila? A few perhaps but I do believe that more and more Filipinos are using whitening cream than get a tan (unless they’re tisoys or tisays).

But such is the premise of Sandwich‘s video for their song Sunburn (of their Five on the Floor album). Sandwich running a tanning salon with babes and bikinis galore! Sakto for summer!

Here’s the video from YouTube:

Directed by: Wincy Ong

Author: Alex

After working as a corporate monkey for two years, he broke free, settling for a sedentary life as a problogger and web content consultant. He spends most of his waking hours in a zoo in hopes of getting back to his roots somewhere in the jungle. For more about Alex, visit The Construct by Alex Maximo

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    hmmp! it’s just a vid anyway.

  2. My sister is in that video, she’s the already-tanned girl with the short hair. XD

    I’ll send her this link. v^_~v

    Thanks for featuring the video! :3

  3. Cool!

    Can you ask her if she has Mong’s number. Haha, just kidding 😛

    Thanks, Ligaya!

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