The Asahi Beer Robot

Here’s the Asahi Beer Robot, a fascinating toy that opens a can of beer and pours it into a mug for you. It’s a cute toy. But it talks a lot before it finishes pouring you a darned beer. Just give me my beer, darn it! I sense this is not to good for impatient drunkards out there.

Author: Alex

After working as a corporate monkey for two years, he broke free, settling for a sedentary life as a problogger and web content consultant. He spends most of his waking hours in a zoo in hopes of getting back to his roots somewhere in the jungle. For more about Alex, visit The Construct by Alex Maximo

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  1. Alex, everything in Japan talks. The elevators talk, the escalators talk, traffic lights talk, even toilet bowls talk, so why can’t a beer-pouring-robot talk?

  2. I could have opened, poured and drank my goddamn beer 3 times before that darn robot served his.

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