USB + Face Mask = Clean Air…de aru?

USB + Face Mask = Clean Air…de aru?

USB-powered, air cleaning face mask

If you think people who wear face masks in public looks kinda weird and suspicious, wait until you see this USB-powered air cleaner face mask being sold in Japan!

Mask 1
Mask 2
Mask 3
Mask 4

Roughly priced at around 2, 480 Yen, anyone can just plug the USB to his pc or laptop and wear the mask. Presto! Clean, pollen-free air! The mask has air vents that clean the air and blow them in the mask. It makes it a lot easier(and cleaner) to breathe. Plus the silicone material used for the mask makes wearing it more snug and comfy. Just make sure the computer has Windows2000/XP/Vista and MacOSX with USB support.

As nifty as it may sound, I don’t think I’d be caught dead wearing this stuff. It’s a nice invention, especially for those with sensitive nose, but I don’t think wearing it like a ninja mask while doing your usual routine won’t make you a laughing stock at the office or pantry. It’ll make a great accessory though for your Mortal Kombat group cosplay!

Author: Akutenshi 13

AKA Layk-da-Shadows, Master-Vision. Akutenshi was a trained ninja from birth. Tired of running over water and catching arrows with eyes closed, he left his ninja clan in pursuit of another purpose. Stumbling upon some ancient portal, he was transported to modern day Metro Manila. Using his ninja skills for survival, he found out that his deft hands were also good in art. After spending a few years in some doobie-laden fine arts college, he struck out in the world as a graphic artist. He has since become a Photoshop and Flash animation sensei. He also works as a part-time kamen rider saving lives and collecting action/sexy figures and gachapons for world peace.

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  1. Ksshhhh… Luke… Sino’ng tatay mo? or Ksshhhh… Luke… Chewbacca is your mother…

  2. Moooortaaaalll Koooombaaaaat!!! hehe

  3. Mukhang langaw hehe

  4. XD I think I may need one of those

  5. I realise you can get USB everything these days, with promotional USB drives being the most popular. BUT this is taking it too far I think. haha. You wouldn’t catch me wearing one of those!

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