100% Jousei


I most remember Chelli-chan as the nervous kid who had the misfortune of being the receiving end of my katarayan during a formal interview.

FLORI: Are you nervous?

CHELLI: Yes, Ma’am.

FLORI: Well you should be!

So Cherie Gil-Sharon Cuneta, isn’t it? Anyway, who would have known years later that that same trembling kid would become Chelli Mariano, J-event host extraordinaire!

Don’t let that cute petite package fool you. This girl can warm up the crowd with her wit and warmth.

Lumalabas pagka-bading ko kapag nasa stage ako,” she told me with a straight face. Yeah, right as if that twinkle in her eyes could lie. Trust me, this girl is 100% jousei.


Chelli with Jen and Elle, friends of Juujiro J-Culture. They’re into K Culture but who cares?


Co-host Denise and Chelli giving away prizes to the crowd.


Hmp! This guy beat me into getting that prize! He won twice that night!


Yeah, Chelli! Give em THE LOOK!


… which did not exactly deter a guy to steal a kiss. From Chelli ba or from Denise? I forgot, is this that same guy? I was too shocked to remember. The gall! Hehehe!


Chelli doing her job and Setsuna before doing her job. 😛


Pictures courtesy of NinJulius. If you wish to book Chelli for hosting events, just e-mail the author. And no, I am not her agent and I do not get cuts from her talent fee. 😛

Author: Flori

… is virtually a free spirit who loves independent movies, literature, graphic novels, pop culture, music (especially indie rock and jazz), food, cooking, vintage fashion, and Alpha Males. Read more Flori melodrama on Short Term Effect .

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  1. i like her skirt. and she does look like a good host, just with the way she smiles. ^_^

  2. hi, liz! the skirt was bought in in a greenhills stall 😀 i’m sure chelli will be thrilled to bits when she reads your comment 😀 thanks for dropping by!

  3. ate chelli ang ganda ganda mo~~~

    libre mo naman ako XDDD

    joke lang V pis

  4. yada andito ako….kyaaaah kakahiya =^^=
    neway thanks for featuring me here in sugoi ate flowee…and yep, i’ll never forget that moment for as long as i live! maji kowakatta yo ^^;

    and liz, thanks for the comment! i’m really flattered *blush* btw that skirt actually came fr a tiangge stall in sta. lucia east in cainta for only 250 php! but you can find it in other places as well cos i just it all over the place. thanks again and keep on reading sugoi stuff!^^

  5. ngek dawnie nambola ka pa….hahahah!

    and pahabol lang…that guy kissed both of us, not just me hahahaha ^0^ *rofl*

  6. uy, may fans ka na chelli! shemps queen of misinformation lola mo 😀 o erratum: ang infamous skirt ay galing sa tiangge sa sta. lucia at hindi sa greenhills.

  7. chelli, want a fansite? hehe

  8. oo nga chelli 😀


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