Bandai releases a $250,000 platinum Gundam

You read it right. Quarter of a million United States green for a pure platinum (pt10000) Gundam model. Measuring 5 inches and weighs 3 pounds, this little baby took 2 years to make. It will be put on display in a Ginza jewelry shop after it tours the world starting in BASELWORLD 2007 jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland.

Platinum Gundam
I’mma fulla bling, baby!

Drool, Gundam fanatics ’cause fat chance this baby will be yours. :p

Source: Bandai

Author: Alex

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  1. O.O wow.

  2. 1 gundam model, took 2 years to make, weighs 3 pounds, costs 4x the price of an average luxury car, and is a mighty 5 inches tall. Outrageous. ^^

  3. not so, ron-kun. after all, may gumawa eh hehehe 😀

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