Hawwy Pottah

I remember that by this time about two years ago, I had already made a book reservation of the new Harry Potter book.

I was so obsessed with Harry and Hermione (Ron-Hermione shippers, please no bashing here!) that I just had to know! And of course, Book 6 was a massive let-down for me. Not only because the idea of Harry and Hermione together in a more er, romantic relationship was rudely dismissed (It was bloody banished, actually!), the whole book was…

Hmp! I’m only going to read the last installment of the HP series because I want to know how it ends, and I’m going to watch the films because of Danielhot-but-can’t-really-fantasize-about-him-unless-be-accused-of-statutory-ogglingRadcliffe.

Anyway, just for old time’s sake, here’s a funny vid called “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” from Niel Cicierega the creator of Potter Puppet Pals. Enjoy!

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