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Shaider - The real one
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As an 80s baby, I can be very sentimental. And since we’ve recently gone nostalgic, even more so. Imagine my shock when I found out that GMA has acquired the license for one of the most-loved icons of that time: Shaider.

From GMANews.TV:

GMA-7 acquires Shaider, to air Pinoy version
05/08/2007 | 12:26 PM

Shaider, or Uchuu Keiji Shaider (English translation: Space Sheriff Shaider), is a Japanese live action series that originally ran in Asahi TV Japan noong 1984. Sa Pilipinas, it was first broadcast and dubbed in Filipino sa IBC-13 noong 1992 , then re-telecast sa GMA-7 noong 2003.


Tulad ng isa pang popular Japanese work na Lupin, nakuha rin ng GMA-7 ang rights ng Shaider. Isa ito sa mga primetime shows ng Kapuso Network.

Dominic Zapata is set to direct the Philippine version of Shaider after his Super Twins stint.

Ang StarStruck 3 Ultimate Sole Survivor na si Marky Cielo ang nakatakdang gumanap sa papel na Shaider. Ang StarStruck 4 Ultimate Female Survivor namang si Kris Bernal ang napipisil na gumanap na Annie.

Si Jay Manalo naman ang gaganap sa main villain na si Commander Kom. He will have five female assistants—four of which will be Bianca King, Isabel Oli, Arci Muñoz, and Iwa Moto.

What were they thinking? Seriously?

Author: Sushi Boi

Sushi Boi is the sugoi power behind the scenes. Do not mess with him or face his wrath. But he is really really nice, promise.

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  1. I can’t give any first impressions until I see some preview clips, but this I know: Don’t expect it to be the Shaider we saw when we were growing up.

    It would really suck if there are no Fuma Ley-Ar and Ida with minions dancing to the Fushigi song.

    …and what about the lovable(?)otaku, Doctor Ang?

  2. I thought I would never hear this at Sugoi Stuff… After all, this is absolutely NOT Sugoi…

  3. Hahahahaha! Naks, Yoru. Wala naman talagang papalit sa original Shaider. All GMA can do is approximate. Besides, wouldn’t it be interesting enough to see how they are going to fuse this with Pinoy culture?

    Anyway, remember that the term “sugoi” can also mean “terrible” 😛

    Hayaan mo, Yoru. May mga “sugoi” (and I mean this in the positive sense) articles pang darating. Thanks for dropping by 😀

  4. Bet you there won’t be any panty shots!

  5. oooh.. panty shots…

    those would definitely make this show sugoi! 😀

  6. totoo pala ang balita!!
    Marky Cielo as Shaider?! *oh my god*
    at least some of the female assistants are pretty.. (although that may no longer be with GMA’s bad costume designs and what-not)

  7. Nyahahaha panty shots. Oo hindi siya Shaider kung walang panty shots. Pero uso naman ang “boy shorts” na undies ngayon eh… Hehe malay natin!

  8. Am I the only one here who misses Dr. Ang?! o_O

  9. *pats Aku*

    I miss Dr. Ang. But it seems the panty shots weigh much more than him ^^;;;

  10. @Flori: 😀 I didn’t know that.

    Anyways, I heard panty shots… You mean these? 😀

  11. Panty shots! Yahoo! Yellow or white? Take yer pick.

    Dapat si Wesley Gonazales na lang si Alexis.

  12. @yoru 😀 ooh, panty shots hahaha!

    @aku and kyam: hehe di ba may ka-look alike si Dr. Ang?

    @lex: hehe playah na shaider, ayuz!

  13. Naaalala ko nung nasa college ako meron akong nakilalang kamukhang-kamukha ni Doktor Ang. Kulang na lang yung butterfly net at yung camping hat. XDD

  14. Hmm… nakilala ko rin ba yan?

  15. waaaaaaaah shaider naman ang bagong biktima ng channel 7?! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ehem, ehem, anyway…goodluck sa panty shots talaga. hahaha^^

    baka di masikmura manood nito^^;

  16. hehe wag lang si marky cielo ang may panty shots. oooh, that was nasty!


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