Guess which drama is coming this July

The pilot for this new J drama based on a popular shoujo manga will be aired on July 3. So those who have the means to view this through the net, it shows in Japan every Tuesday at 21:00 on Fuji TV. It will star these three lovely people:


Oh, am I forgetting something?

Photo from

Yes. I am not kidding. It’s confirmed! Hana Kimi or Hanazakari no Kimitachi e will now be a live action fantasy come true. I’m sure there are Pinoy fan girls screaming out there. And let me re-post the picture above:


Nice ano? Am I a tease or what? 😛

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    i AM screaming my lungs out! omg…..i luv this manga! and finally, no more of the taiwanese versions that sucked so bad…oops, sowee to the fans out there eheh!

    ehem, anyway…i can’t ask for a better actor to play sano than oguri shun…i simply luv this guy! cant wait to see this…ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    ::pardon chelli for the comment as she had just come home from the grave (yard shift) and has not slept a wink yet::

  2. sabi ko na nga ba 😀

    fan girl in the house!

    i had you in mind when i first found this news o di ba? sugoi news para lang kay chelli 😀

  3. matagal ko ng naririnig-rinig itong manga na ito.. nako!! kailangan ko na palang maghanap ng manga bago ito ilabas!!

  4. Akala ko FURUBA 😛

    That’s weird… a J-drama adaptation of a manga before letting the Taiwanese adaptation finish the entire story… I mean, HYSNSN was popular but it’s no Meteor Garden, and they still went with it..

    Ignoring for a while the amount of Taiwanese drama cliches (which will obviously be replaced by J-drama cliches 😛 ), HYSNSN was a decent adaptation. The only problem I had with this version was the casting – it was hit (Umeda-sensei) or miss (Nakao). The posted cast on the J-drama webpage looks promising even though it’s less than half of the cast only…

    But Hara Akiha played by an actress? This has got to be a typo, maybe Julia, Rio, or Io…

  5. @David:
    ako rin. di ko pa ito nababasa. hanadan fan talaga kasi ako eh kaya mejo naka-focus lang ako dun noon


    Hmm… a gender-bender drama from plot to casting. Hahaha! I’ll watch it for Oguri Shun and Yamapi’s better half. Maki is justa an added bonus.

  6. @Flori

    problem is, Hara Akiha is gay (okay… bisexual) and having a girl play such a role diminishes the effect :/

  7. hmmm this is the problem with people who have no clue what they’re talking about. haha, i’m guilty of that.

    anyway, either that or they have a surprise waiting in store for us.

  8. ahehhe ate flori…meet tau i’ll lend u the manga! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh excited na ako….halata nga na para sa akin tong news na ito heheheh^^ nabanggit na kse ito sa kin pero iba ung cnabi na magiging sano….

    and as for akiha….hmmm, it kinda takes the fun out if he’s played by a girl but let’s wait and see…grabeh excited na ako! someone teleport me to japan in july please!!!

  9. Psst, Chelli. Mapapanood natin yan. Magkita lang tayo weekly at mag-dala ka ng 1mb na thumbdrive 😛


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