Kinchan no Kasoh Taisho

I used to watch this show when I was in Japan. You have got to hand it to our Japanese friends for their totally out-of-this-world-ideas and the effort they put into making these ideas into something a lot tangible and sugoku sugoi!

Remember Matrix Pingpong?

Well, the popular Kinchan no Kasoh Taisho has spawned new talents this year.

I find this the most “sugoi” one:

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  1. We were able to watch this on a Jap channel before on cable. Unfortunately I forgot what time and date it was, so we couldn’t watch again. Darn. LOL.

    And indeed, the last vid? That was awesome. XD But the the father and daughter tandem was too cute too. XD

  2. Cute ni Shingo!

    After all these, yun lang pala masasabi ko 😀

  3. ano daw? Si Shingo daw ba ang pansinin at hindi ang talents. Hahahaha

  4. hehe but op kors 😀

  5. ang galing talaga ng mga “skits with men wearing black”.. XDDD

    si shingo pala yun.. kaya pala familiar..

  6. yes, si shingo nga, ang aking ex-husband.

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