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The Punisher

Look who recently dropped out of the Punisher role. In an e-mail from the man himself, Thomas Jane shares this sentiments:

I regretfully and painfully had to pull out of P2. I can’t tell you how completely broken up I am about it. Punisher fans are already fighting an uphill battle as it is. And I’ve always felt a responsibility to fight that fight for them and with them so that Frank Castle gets the treatment he deserves.

Now I applaud Thomas Jane’s decision. See here, boys and girls, that Mr. Jane’s a fan of the comics too and wants the films to do the Punisher, especially for the second run, some justice.

For starters, the Punisher movies sucked. The first one starred Dolph Lundgren and needless to say, it sucked. As for the second incarnation, it was okay at best. Jane gave a respectable performance for a very uncreative take. At least he had a so-so villain in John Travolta (whom I’d rather see in a reprisal of his Chili Palmer roles). Come on, Frank Castle has got to be the one of the toughest snnuvab*tches in the Marvel universe and so far, he looked like a pansy.

Jane’s just another one of the Hollywood actors who have expressed their discontent. News about Jane came up a week after news Jamie Pressly’s take on DOA: Dead or Alive‘s delayed release. Her take:

“I can’t say that I’m upset that it didn’t come out… And I think for gamers, a lot of the stuff was inaccurate because they changed it along the way.”

Yeah maybe how bouncy their breasts are going to be, perhaps. Hehe. Face it, Dead or Alive games have always been about falling of great heights and bouncing breasts. Anyway, the point is here’s another Hollywood actor who wished that the film stayed loyal in the spirit of the original medium.

Fantastic Four sucked, but since Jessica Alba was there, I found it tolerable. Ang Lee’s take on the Incredible Hulk was so-so since I didn’t like his attempt on paneling. At least news is that Edward Norton’s going to play Bruce Banner the next time around. I’m so hoping for that.

X-Men was great except for the last one, and I have to give props to Hugh Jackman for playing Wolverine the way I expect him to be portrayed. Never mind that Jackman crushed the image of a tough hero who stands just above five feet. But who else would play? Danny DeVito? Harhar.

Let’s see, what else. I haven’t watched Spider-man 3 but the movies had lost me a long time ago when Kirsten Dunst was slated to be Mary Jane. She just looked a bit too ghoulish for my vision for Mary Jane. And Spidey’s web being a body secretion, well… Hehe. I would rather have seen the novelty of the web shooters.

Well, the point is every comic book or gaming fan would love seeing their heroes move in live-action once in a while. So far, it’s 300 that satisfied my comic fanboy demands. Mind you hardcore geeks are the hardest people to satisfy. Some even resort to death threats when some Hollywood dude tries to bastardize the original. I think it happened to one of the writers of the Transformers: Beast Machines series.

In any case, it should be a call to all producers, writers, directors and other creative people to at least take it into consideration. Besides, it’s the comic fan or gamer who’d be the first in line for tickets when the movie adaptation’s out.

Author: Alex

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  1. You forgot to mention Sin City! I mean, the best yun pare!

  2. Yeah Sin City rocks! I think Frank Miller makes it a point to monitor them movie adaptations so they stay true to his original vision.

  3. can’t wait for sin city 2!

  4. That’s the point. Frank Miller co-directed it! This means that his vision is intact.

    Unlike the rest of the Hollywood takes who aren’t even fans of the comic.

  5. And Robert Rodriguez had to drop his seat from the Directors’ Guild of America just because the organization couldn’t allow Frank Miller to be credited as co-director.

    Too bad, the DGA missed out on one helluva visionary.

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