New “Nobel Prize of Manga”

Good news for budding non-Japanese manga-ka’s out there!

Japanese Foreign Minister Tar? As? announced the creation of an “International Manga Award” for manga artists and creators from outside Japan. “We want to make this award the ‘Nobel Prize’ of Manga,” said As?, who also mentioned that one purpose of the award is to “increase the popularity of Japanese Pop Culture and subcultures.”

Well, okay. Not that big a “yehey” because you have to be nominated by the public or recommended by both Japanese and international publishing companies to actually have a chance. Phew!

This year’s award will have famous manga writers Michiko Satonaka (Tenj? no Niji), Takashi Yanase (Anpan Man) and Tetsuya Chiba (Ashita no Joe), with former chief editors from some of Japan’s largest manga magazines, as members of the judging panel. Deliberation is on the 22nd of June while the awarding ceremony to honor the winner will be on July 2 in Tokyo.

If this does go on for a long time, perhaps some of our great Pinoy manga-ka’s can also spot an award. I mean, why not?

Got this sugoi news from Anime News Network.

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