The Gathering: TAGCOM Convention

TAGCOM poster

For all the hobby enthusiasts out there, there will be a one day hobby convention at the Araneta Expo Center this coming weekend, May 12.

It is The Gathering: The 1st Hobbiworx TAGCOM Convention.

From their website:

TAGCOM is a amalgam term of today’s most popular hobbies enriching the lives of everyday Filipinos and the world at large – Toys, Anime, Airsoft, Gaming, Comics, Cosplay, Modeling (Scale), Music and Movies.

There will be competitions for cosplay, customized action figures, Gundam models, oldest collection and more. You can go to their website for more info and details.

Author: Sushi Boi

Sushi Boi is the sugoi power behind the scenes. Do not mess with him or face his wrath. But he is really really nice, promise.

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  1. oo nga nakikita ko tarp nila kapag nakasakay ako mrt 😀

  2. I’m gonna attend this one for sure. Lalo na’t Araneta is just a few blocks away from us. XD

  3. ayuz ako ewan ko pa… just in case kits kits na lang

  4. i think i just got asked to host again…so kitakits tau hahaha!^^

  5. omedetou, chelli-chan! hahaha kelangan mo na ng fansite 😛

  6. mahirap talaga pag sikat! :p


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