Hana Kimi wanted ad

Are you good looking?
Do you look like a guy even if you’re a girl?
Or even if you’re a guy do you look like a pretty girl?
Are you often being mistaken as a high school student?
Or are you a high school student?

Then the “Hana Kimi Ouji” contest is just for you!

Hana Kimi
Photo from Wiki-D-addicts

Sanspo.com reports that this is part of a promotional effort for the Fuji TV J drama, “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e,” that we mentioned here. They are out hunting for “ikemen” or pretty boys all over Japan.

By the way I’m loving Hana Kimi just for the fact that I can see Oguri Shun take his shirt off for the past episodes. Nyahahahaha!

Author: Flori

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  1. hear hear! ive lost so much blood from my bleeding nose…ehehe!! hayok!

    im not surprised that they have this contest, but i think there’s no need. the drama’s doing quite well according to the ratings. owell…this will be interesting…

  2. sali tayo 😛

  3. cge ba! ay kaso di na tau highschool…hmmm pero kaya naman natin mag-henshin hahaha^^

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