Proposal Daisakusen sweeps spring drama awards

I knew it. I’m prophetic!

Photos from Wiki.D-addicts

When I used Yamapi as an introduction to yesterday’s post, I didn’t actually realize that I’d be looking into his future. Well, sort of!

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Photos from Wiki.D-addicts

Or I just got lucky that he and his co-stars and their latest drama itself, Proposal Daisakusen, actually swept the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix with the following awards:

Best Drama
Best Actor for Yamashita Tomohisa
Best Actress for Nagasawa Masami
Best Supporting Actor for Hamada Gaku with co-star Hiraoka Yuta as runner-up
Best Supporting Actress for Eikura Nana

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’m really psychic or not. Still, a big congratulations to my honey!

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  1. wow this is sugoi indeed!! this drama really proved that yamapi can take on lead roles now. yey hallelujah chance!!!

    now if i can only tear my eyes away from the live performance of daite senorita to watch the actual kurosagi drama. hehe yamapi is so hot!!! ^^;

  2. Oist you have Oguri Shun na. Leave Yamapi to me naman 😛

  3. coooool…. i love proposal daisakusen! 🙂

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