The Gospellers and Howie D. collab

I know it has been a slow week. Well, what can I say, sugoi news are hard to get these days. This one amused me though:

The popular Japanese acappella group Gospellers has collaborated with Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough for a single to be released this October. The song, as made chismis by Sankei Sports, is titled as “It Still Matters – Ai wa Nemuranai.”

Howie D and the Gospellers

I like the Gospellers. I was never really a fan of Backstreet Boys. But we’ll see about this…

Author: Flori

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  1. wow. will watch ouyt for this one…

    btw did u guys know that there’s a japanese boyband named “10,000 promises” who used to do bsb covers in front of shinjuku station? i just saw them one sunday afternoon then the next thing i knew they had an album and performing on tv!!! weird. anyway just sharing something i remembered with this post^^;

  2. LMAO at that boyband’s name, Chelli. I used to have that song stuck in my head for days on end. XD

  3. Do anyone have the lyric of the song??i want to sing along but i don’t know the words and its meaning!!!

  4. hi, munirsh 😀 i’ll see what i can do about this 😀

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