PV Sorafune – Tokio

I heart Nagase Tomoya. I wanted to marry him before, but I heard he was engaged to J Pop superstar Hamasaki Ayumi and so I had to give up. What? You mean, they’ve broken up already? Since July?! Yatta! Chansu ga aru!

And before I get carried further away by my imagination, here’s a little vid of a rain-soaked-wet Nagase Tomoya with his band TOKIO. If the song is familiar, it’s the ending theme of my J drama fave – My Boss, My Hero. Enjoy!

Author: Flori

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  1. well..it’s sad though..
    but as a fan of nagase..we want the best for HIM..ever!
    so nagase x be so sad n grieve a day long because u deserve the BEST!
    u’ll find your true soulmate oneday..juz..believe me;)

  2. I wish that soulmate is me though nyaha. Just kidding, gma. Thanks for dropping by!

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