Donto Koi!

I guess it just isn’t my week. First it was Oguri Shun, and now Abe Hiroshi?

Abe Hiroshi

According to an article in Sanspo, is finally getting married (at 43) to his one-and-a-half-year long 28 year-old non-showbiz girlfriend (has anyone noticed how I am emphasizing the years and the hyphens here? :P).

There goes another dream shattered. Let me go to one corner and sulk a bit.

Author: Flori

… is virtually a free spirit who loves independent movies, literature, graphic novels, pop culture, music (especially indie rock and jazz), food, cooking, vintage fashion, and Alpha Males. Read more Flori melodrama on Short Term Effect .

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  1. Come on over, come on over baby~

    Di bale iha. May best friends Toma and Yamapi ka pa 😉

  2. haha honga! ano ba yan nalingat lang talaga ako….nagpapakasal na lahat! grrrr >_

  3. kekkon dekinai otoko getting married! hahahaha

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