Kyou no Nihongo


That means, “It has been a long time!” And it really has been a long time since I posted anything under Kyou no Nihongo. Anyway, I just learned new Japanese catch phrases yesterday and I mean to share them to you:

created by JJ magazine
It’s a combination of the words, princess and tsukin (which means to commute). Puri-tsu refers to mean women who commute to work looking like royalty.

from Story magazine
This word refers to middle-aged ladies who have started putting on weight but still try to stay in fashion. Although others say that this phrase refers to short and chubby girls who have cute faces.

Does this mean that Flori is motepuyo?

from Glitter magazine
Yep, this comes form the hip-hop term bling-bling. This particular phrase, however, pertains to high maintenance women. (a.k.a. bilmoko)

Author: Flori

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  1. do you know where to buy jap fashion mags here in the phil? tnx! :)))

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