Speed Racer Trailer

Speed Racer Trailer

It’s trippy, surreal and nostalgic.

I don’t know about you, but I’d watch it. I’m actually looking forward to this more than the announced upcoming Dragonball movie.

Author: Kyameel

The resident code monkey, Kyameel grew up in a very closed space of what is called “the box”. She recently has managed to finally take a peek outside and finding ways to break free. She is currently busy touching up and doing "stuff" behind the scenes of the site while collecting Pinky:St dolls, Terry Pratchett books, and cute stuff inspired by cows.

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  1. I thought I saw Raine in that trailer…

  2. Yes, Joel. He’s in the movie. It’ll be his international movie debut XD

    He’s in the cast list, as per IMDB

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