Genius SP-N120 speakers: Black and quite cheap

Genius SP-N120

I have to be honest that I forgot about branded products ever since CD-R King caused an influx of uber cheap multimedia products ranging from optical media to anything that connects via USB port. I even bought a couple of their headsets and one of their little speakers. Quality-wise, however, much is left to be desired.

So how about this set of Genius SP-N120 speakers styled in polished black covers and chrome lines. Black is always classy in my book.

The latest two-piece speaker system from Genius is the stereo speaker system, SP-N120. Its front cover is polished black showcasing a chrome decoration line and a fabric cover. Its stylish flat design housing makes it ideal to be placed on desks when using your desktop PC, notebook or any other audio device.

Genius SP-N120 has a custom-made 2″ drives and an output power range. This makes the SP-N120 provide rich and clear sound at 2 watts and 6 watts. The power and volume controls are on the top of the speakers for easy access while the headphone jack for private listening is at the back. SP-N120 also has a 3D button for virtual 3D effect.

The Genius SP-N120 speakers only cost Php 550 and sound quality does trump those uber-cheap Taiwan copies. They’re available through their Philippine distributor, MSI-ECS.

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