New Targus laptop carrying cases

Targus Laptop Carrying Case

I’m seeing less and less people lugging around huge laptop bags or backpacks and more and more people just carrying slip cases. I do that once in a while especially if my intended use for lappie for the time I’m out would only be a couple of hours. That’s because my lappie has only enough juice to last me that long. And slip cases do not have compartments for adapters.

But for other people whose lappies carry enough juice to last them a significant amount of time, carrying cases can be a fashion statement. Again, carrying slips of plain black and very utilitarian can be so boring. Good thing carrying case makers are now putting in more style to their products.

he Tribal Black, Blue T, and the Pink Flower are the newest attraction in notebook carrying cases. These slip cases sport unique silkscreen printed designs that’s sure to appeal to different people.

Each case has a padded compartment that fits notebook with up to 14″ screens to protect your notebooks against damage when you’re on the go. Rubberized zipper pullers avoid any notebook scratching. Transport your notebook in this lightweight style or carry it inside your standard Targus case to give your notebook double protection.

I live the blue one with the tribal design and the pink flower one does go well with white lappies like a MacBook. What’s even better is these ones are cheaper than the carrying cases you often see in stores the pink one only costs Php 845 ($20.65 US)and the blue and black ones cost Php 884 ($22 US).

These slips are available via their Philippine distributor, MSI-ECS.

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  1. Demmit. Why just now? I had to buy a laptop sleeve worth 1.5k! =_= and it’s plain powder blue!

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