Marvel, EA split up

Marvel, EA split up

EA - Marvel Split

This news isn’t so new, but I believe it’s worth posting anyway.

In 2004, Electronic Arts had a partnership deal with Marvel Comics, which gave rise to the “cross-over” beat-’em-up/fighting game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. To me, at least, the game didn’t sell that good, and it has a share of fairly bad reviews.

Summer of last year, Marvel and EA announced to create a fighting game featuring characters from the Marvel stable. The fate of that game now, however, is in serious (or maybe not) jeopardy, due to the studio developing it closing in November.

But the bigger news is that Marvel and EA had come to terms with the termination of their partnership deal last January 28.

Justin Lambros, Vice President of Marvel Interactive, had these to say:

“Electronic Arts and Marvel have jointly agreed to discontinue development of Marvel fighting games under the Electronic Arts brand. This was a business decision based on Electronic Arts portfolio strategy and will not affect Marvel’s ongoing plans to release fighting games based on the Marvel properties in the future.”

Marvel apparently intends to continue on with the halted fighting game project, though no further information has been revealed as of late.

With the Marvel-EA breakup in mind, do you think it’s finally possible that the dreams of having a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can come true?

Source: IGN

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