Sony walks the talk with the NWZ-A820 Walkman

Oh gosh, I remember the days when I used to watch “My So-called Life” (read better-version of Tree Hill) to while away Sunday afternoons and then feeling angsty ( read emo) afterwards because I so could relate to Claire Daines‘ (read as Ellen Paige of the 90’s) character? So to avoid going Kurt Cobain (read as Patrick Stump –> which doesn’t even come close), I’d listen to Pearl Jam and STP on this:


Alas, it’s the 21st century and Sony has finally decided to upgrade the Gen X icon. Tada!

New Walkman

According to Engadget:

2.4-inch QVGA display, up to 16GB of flash, 13.5mm EX headphones, Bluetooth stereo audio, and up to 10-hours of video (H.264/ACV and MPEG-4 support) or 36-hours of music (MP3, AAC, DRM’d WMA, and linear PCM supported) playback off beefier battery.

According to the site, the press release for Sony’s kick-ass finger-flicking to Mac’s iPod, has been pulled out from its original source. Not that the product is a hoax, a lot of gadget junkies have confirmed that the news was true. Maybe it’s part of the marketing strategy? You know, so it would generate more talk – and then bam! Ka-ching! Well, that’s only my opinion.

Going back to the sound machine, I still prefer the gramps version, no matter how fuddy-duddy it looks beside the sleeker NWZ- A820. And then again, that’s just me.

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  1. Old school! I always wanted one, even if the Discmans came to be. But I never really had one. =_=

    I still also some of my anime mix tapes.

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