Ultra Slim Genius G-Pen F350

Genius G-Pen F530

A few years ago, I always dreamed of having a pen tablet. Working in my former office, I had the chance to use those then-swanky Wacom Intuos2 6×8 pen tablets. But since I’m not an artist, I eventually just reverted back to mousing. That was until that craze over stylus-driven gadgets emerged.

If you’re looking into getting a pen tablet that goes well with your mobile computing needs, Genius just released this G-Pen F350 ULTRA SLIM. It’s a 3×5 tablet complete with a stylus. But don’t let the size deceive you. This thing allows you to sketch, draw, sign, scribble, slice, dice and make fluffy pancakes. Okay, so the last three, only a rabid person will do to this thing but I has a few more features.

G-Pen F350 is the perfect match for flat and wide screens especially for notebooks. It is very light and travel-size. It has twenty-two fast shortcut keys for Office, Internet, and Vista functions so you can make super shortcuts for faster access to your applications. The cordless pen features two buttons, 1024 level resolution, pressure sensitivity so you can control shapes and thickness without effort.

Genius products are distributed by MSI-ECS here in the Philippines.

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