GTA: Chinatown Wars coming to the Nintendo DS

Grand Theft Auto: Cinatown Wars

I still can’t afford getting an HD monitor and an XBox 360 or a PS3 so as far as any Grand Theft Auto action, the last time I got some was playing San Andreas. Since I opted to get myself a Nintendo DS over a PSP, I wasn’t able to touch the Stories games. But all of that will change soon as they have decided a GTA game exclusive for the DS.

Dubbed GTA: Chinatown Wars, the game will be set in Liberty City and would involve a Chinese triad-related storyline. The game is supposed to take advantage of the stylus-driven gameplay of DS games though, to break tradition, this new GTA will use a behind-the-player 3D view instead of the top-down style of the GTA games published on Nintendo platforms.

Word has it that it is to come out next year but some rumors say that it might be as soon as this Christmas to be in time for the game-buying rush.

Image Source: UGO Game Blog

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