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Fine, if Team Sugoi wouldn’t break silence, then I’d rather fart it out loud. I do understand their if-you’re-not-there-then-shut-your-trap so I guess it would take a guest post over here to make things just a tad more interesting.

So “Cosplay Queen” Alodia complained about that recent E-Games cosplay thing. While I don’t want to dilute the action with my simplistic paraphrase, it basically goes like this -> Alodia was promised to be main judge of E-Games’ cosplay event but was eventually given a role responsible for only 10% of the judges’ input and felt wronged by what happened.

Her last “report” on the event (through this entry) already revealed her feelings regarding the matter probably best shown in this glorious screenshot:

Alodia's Controversial Remark


Some hours later, this next entry, bearing the title “A Victim of Foul Play,” came out. Quite frankly this entry just makes you wonder to whom is her ire directed? For those who are schooled to read context clues, this quote makes you think, “Not the organizers.”

Everything lies on the hands of the “superiors” of the cosplay community.

The issue just becomes a lot juicier when public got wind of the issue. The white knights came rushing to her aid and, in a similar forum, the other party just took their respective potshots. I think these two threads summarize the arguments (both lame and strong) on the points supporting both sides. If you have time, it’s amusing to read each of the comments. Better than 12 rounds of boxing.

Internet White Knight


With the troops rallied, Alodia finally gave the issue a rest with a final entry on the matter but not without reiterating her stance on the blame-game with this remark:

My conscience compels me to share to you the injustice I have personally witnessed and experienced because I am partly to be blamed for strongly recommending them to the client organizer to handle the cosplay competition.


Sino pa may angal?

As an old-timer in the scene, I’d rather not give this issue anything more than what I’ve written here but let me direct you to some wise words from a fellow old-timer regarding this issue. Alodia has made references to cosplaying “superiors”, though I would’ve appreciated it a lot more if she just pinpointed who they were. Such vague reference just opened up the argument that the commenter gladly made concrete:

And yes, i do agree that there are “superiors” in our cosplay community: They are those who feel they deserve more than they are entitled to, and make others believe so. As for the rest of us, we simply do what what we must to make cosplay a fun hobby available for everyone, without sacrificing the quality of cosplaying.

It’s always nice to sit on the fence when these two parties are just so passionate about their respective causes. So come on, Alodia-haters and Alodia-lovers, slug it out some more. This makes for entertainment better than any Marian Rivera soap.

In other news, it doesn’t matter how many accolades a person has gotten in the past. A misplaced sense of entitlement can f*ck a person up good anytime. Right, Billy Bob?

Author: Sushi Boi

Sushi Boi is the sugoi power behind the scenes. Do not mess with him or face his wrath. But he is really really nice, promise.

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  1. “They are those who feel they deserve more than they are entitled to, and make others believe so.”

    Who the Hell is he to decide what people “deserve”?

  2. Hey, AA. Your post got its first comment. And from Mike Abundo, at that. :p

  3. Yippee… Another one of Alodia’s white knights to her rescue.

    Why can’t you people just see that Alodia could’ve and should’ve handled the situation better?

    It’s not her fellow judges’ fault that she was handed a puny 10% over which to judge. So why laud the organizers and lash out at her fellow judges?

    Isn’t it a bit ironic for her to use the elitism card with this one?

  4. E-games specified that, the cosplay contest contractor, give Alodia equal judging weight. did not comply with the client’s specifications.

    She’s not lashing out at the two other judges per se. It just so happens that the two other judges come from

  5. So let’s say that what you’re saying is true. Still, equal percentages would’ve meant that audience impact would factor in as much as creativity and perfomance. That would’ve made for a bad cosplay competition.

  6. Obviously, equal judging weight means every judge bears equal weight on every criterion.

  7. Still, that would’ve made for bad criteria for judging.

  8. No it wouldn’t. The criteria would’ve remained the same, as would each criterion’s weight. The judges would just bear equal weight on each and every criterion.

  9. I think what Mike meant was that all of the judges should judge on each criterion, and not assign one judge to give a grade based on one criterion alone.

    Ah, I’ll leave you guys to debate on the merits and the downfalls of these two systems of judging.

  10. Creativity and performance in a cosplay should always get more weight than audience impact.

  11. To give things another perspective, why have just one person judge audience impact? Shouldn’t a poll be a better measure of audience impact rather than just one person quantifying it?

  12. Regardless of the merits and downfalls of these two systems of judging, only one of them gives Alodia equal judging weight. Only one of them complies with E-games’ specifications. chose the one that doesn’t comply with the client’s specifications.

  13. Well, let’s go back to the other merits of the case.

    The point remains that Alodia should’ve handled the issue more professionally rather than just blog about it and let the whole community fuss over the matter.

    It would’ve been better if she argued about what makes good cosplay criteria or judging rather than identify who’s to blame.

    (To be fair to her, she admitted that she’s partly to blame but only for the fact that she was the one who recommended

  14. Napulot ata ni Alodia yung idea ng pag-blog dun kay Bambee (Pagdanganan case). Ang daming naki-sympathize nun. But that backfired, may kaso siya, right?

  15. Hi Luna. It’s Bambee de la Paz. The Pagdanaganans were the other party in that case. Bambee succeeded in bringing the issue to light. For one it was political in nature and most bloggers considered it as a vital national issue.

    I think Alodia’s case is way too trivial for her to do (and expect) a Bambee. Cosplay judging versus assault and abuse. I don’t think Alodia’s case should require the attention of a nation to resolve.

    But if it’s all for reaching out to the cosplay community, I think it worked though it split her audience into two opposing sides.

  16. If she compared herself to Jesus, then what’s stopping her from comparing herself to any other mortal? Hahaha!

  17. fun~~ ang sa-saya, both sides are giving her attention. whoot.

    such a simple issue ginawang ISSUE. ang saya saya …..feed the whore, butter her up and bake her!!!

  18. But if it’s all for reaching out to the cosplay community, I think it worked though it split her audience into two opposing sides.

    Well, I guess she feels so stupid for even recommending them to E-games, considering there were a lot of bad issues/rumors about how questionably their judging goes, in recent and past events. Not to mention that they/their minions/their anonymous names gang up on anyone who opposes, questions or critiques their actions.

    Mike and I personally experienced that, so we both agree their org is not to be trusted to be in charge of judging any cosplay competition. Maybe invite a member or two to judge, but the criterion sheet would be provided by the organizers.

    Her blogging what happened actually makes a difference, since it’s actual testimony confirming what this org has been doing for years to the cosplay community. That means so much to those who feel that this org has wronged them all these years.

    She doesn’t need to associate herself with that org for attention, she gets far MORE attention than they do all by herself, seriously!

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