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Pixar grants girl’s dying wish to see ‘Up’

Pixar's Up

Pixar proves that they are not just a great animation studio, but also a bunch of great people.

They recently flew an employee to Huntington Beach California to grant a girl’s dying wish to be able to see ‘Up‘, their most recent movie. Colby Curtin, 10 years old, was suffering from a rare kind of cancer and could not watch the movie in theaters with her parents.

A concerned family friend made a cold-call at the Pixar studios, hoping to reach anyone who could help grant Colby’s wish. And grant it they did. They sent an employee with the movie in a DVD and gave the girl and her parents a private home viewing. The employee also gave her a few movie memorabilia and an adventure book.

Colby died, seven hours later. But it wasn’t in vain— she enjoyed her anticipated movie with her parents during her last few moments.

Via The OC Register.

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