Xbox, Playstation to rival Wii with motion control

The Nintendo Wii revolutionized the gaming world because of the new level of interactivity it brought through its motion controlled interactivity. With that, the Wii took Nintendo back into the gaming ball game after disappearing post-GameCube.

Microsoft and Sony wouldn’t have none of that though, as they plan to take away Nintendo’s competitive advantage by introducing their own motion controllers for the Xbox and the Playstation in the recent E3 event.

Microsoft call theirs “Project Natal” and Sony dubbed theirs the “Eye.” Quite interesting but they wouldn’t change the fact that Nintendo beat them to the game. These additions of motion controllers now challenges Nintendo’s technologies. The combination of motion control with the Xbox and PS’s advanced graphics is quite potent.

Competition’s always good though since it would push the boundaries of interactive gaming to the next level.

Author: Alex

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