Kyou no Nihongo: dame

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Today’s Japanese word:


?? ?


Simple Definitions:
It’s bad!
It’s not possible!


Your sister has a habit of “borrowing” your personal effects. It seems okay the first few times but you later realize that you don’t get to see your things back. So when one day she barges into your room and asks you to lend her your brand new Urbandub shirt, you decide that enough is enough. After all, the next personal effect she might ask to borrow is your boyfriend.
What do you say?
Or you can always lock your bedroom door.
And better yet, lock her in the cellar or basement or the dog kennel.

You have painstakingly gone through almost a week of your special diet, since you need to lose ten pounds worth of self indulgence. On Sunday afternoon, your insensitive brother comes home with a box of your favorite chocolate chip cookies. You hear your stomach rumble.
What do you say?
Or you can give in to temptation. After all, there’s always tomorrow.

You are in the living room alone with your boyfriend watching The Matrix on cable. You happen to glance at him and saw the git giving you that knowing leering grin of his. You are just so not in the mood (after all, Keanu Reeves is in front of you).
What do you say?
Or you can just knee him where he can understand it clearly.

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