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I often can’t pinpoint the emotion I feel when I come across a foreign TV show or movie that has a character that makes references to the Philippines or Filipinos?

Sometimes it’s amusement, especially when the characters are Filipino themselves and they speak in Tagalog. Remember the following?

Ewok in the forest saying “Ito ay puno!” in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)

The Filipino cook complaining, “Ayan kasi aalis-alis! Nagsusuka na yung mga tao…” or to that effect in Her Alibi (1989)

The chef cursing Sean Connery’s character in Tagalog in The Rock (1996)

Hmm… but how about insult? Pride? How I wish it’s always the latter, but more often than not it’s the former!

I know that we’re far from being model citizens of the world, but come on! We have more to us than typhoons, or a corrupt government, or Imelda and her shoes! Pinoys are loving, optimistic, hospitable people who possess multitudes of natural skills and talents!

Anyway, enough of my ranting. More of this stuff in Scott R. Garceau’s The Philippine Star article, Pinoys in TV Land .

Author: Flori

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  1. And oh, the possessed girl in Constantine too! ^__^

  2. Ay oo ano yun, “Papatayin natin sila!” I guess she was referring to politicians? Nyahahaha!

    Wait, sino ba talaga Pinoy dun? Yung girl o yung demon? Hehehehe

    Shoot! But I envy the girl for being SO close to Keanu Reeves. Oh my, bed and Keanu Reeves in one scene! Oh my! Hehehe

  3. i watched an episode of Ang Pinaka on QTV recently and found that Rob Schneider movies usually feature Filipino stuff.. it’s nice to see that he’s actually “Proud to be Pinoy”.. (^______^)v

  4. Hello, David!

    Yes. I think Rob Schneider is actually half Filipino. He even let his Mom be an extra in one of his movies.

  5. haha ang dami sa movies! Like in Big Fish, Connie and Carla (one gay in the movie was actually a Filipino)… and even in broadway! A Miss Saigon broadway show in th states featued the famous helicopter scene, and the cast was supposed to be talking in Vietnamese in a dramatic sceme but some of them were talking gibberish in Tagalog (as in no relation whatsoever in the dramatic scene!) thats why the Americans in the crowd were teary eyed… while the Filipinos were laughing so hard!!

  6. Oh my! Haha, but then again there really are some movies or V shows that do not portray Filipinos in a positive light. Yun yung nakakainis eh. Thanks, Riasa!


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