Congrats to Greenpinoy!

Congratulations to my friend, Jason of Greenpinoy!

Here’s his good news:

Ang video ng interview ay mapapanood sa FIRST EPISODE ng THE GREENPINOY SHOW!!! 🙂 Ang The Greenpinoy Show ay mapapanood exclusively sa Projectube weekly mula March 1 2008 (tentative schedule). Susunod ang ibang mga detalye. Exciting!!!

And guess who his first guest is!

Greenpinoy and Ramon Bautista

Photo from Greenpinoy

Tada! Sir Ramon Bautista – UP Film Prof, host of MTV‘s The Ramon Bautista Show and Gameplan‘s Misfit, comedian galore ( R.A. Rivera‘s Strangebrew, Dan Michael, etc.), music video star (Radioactive Sago Project‘s Astro and Wasak na Wasak, Tuesday Vargas’ Naman, etc.), and fellow high school alumnus ( teka, alumna ako diba? Naks, para namang kilala niya ako NYAHAHAHAHA!)

Riot ito!!!

More Greenpinoy:

More Ramon Bautista 10 sikunds!!!:

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  1. wow!!! maraming salamat sa feature flori!!! mabuhay!

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