WWE John Cena shirt features 8-bit game graphics

WWE John Cena t-shirt

How about this one for a stumble? I do watch professional wrestling at times just recharge my brain cells. You see, I believe that delving into some brainless entertainment helps speed up the regeneration of brain cells (Though I don’t get it why Triple H is dubbed as a cerebral assassin since I just can’t find anything cerebral with that guy).

Still, there definitely are times when you start intellectualizing pro wrestling. Things like, “How much commercial value does it really have?” or “Why do men like watching other men grope each other?”. Anyway, before I launch into tirade unfit for this blog, then let’s just take a look at this John Cena t-shirt WWE merchandise.

John Cena defied the odds, defied his doctors, and common logic by returning to action to claim a shot at the WWE Championship. Cena played a very dangerous game by putting his career on the line to return early. Only John Cena can figure out a way to illustrate that game on a t-shirt. Black. 100% cotton. Screen printed in the USA. Imported.

Ain’t those little 8-bit game graphics make you a bit nostalgic. Makes you want to scavenge a NES and start playing WWF Wrestlemania. John Cena has done using nostalgia to get some hype (those Pump shoes are definitely a trip down memory lane) and why not try these 8-bit game graphics?

Source: WWE Shop

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