Iron Man versus Batman: Contradictory premises?

Iron Man vs. Batman

MamaPop just dished out this post pitting two of the biggest superheroes in the movies this year – Iron Man versus Batman. Quite the sacrilege if you ask me. Well, mostly it’s because of the movies. Iron Man is the best superhero movie so far. The Dark Knight (Batman) is an epic crime drama that happened to feature a guy in a cape.

But the two (as characters) taken side by side do not really feature much difference. Billionaire playboys, with lotsa money, lotsa toys, and swanky butlers. There were some other takes online pitting one against the other but come on, they come from two different mythos. Sure they have some dead-on similarities but we could still highlight key differences here. Phenomena on Break had an interesting take on this too.

And MamaPop’s take is a bit flawed I guess since they’re based mostly on the movies. Tony Stark had Jarvis as a butler. There’s no point comparing Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) with Alfred (Michael Caine). Hot-blooded men would definitely choose Pepper any day. Well, they ended up with Iron Man sweeping all points.

Oh and remember this YouTube clip?

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  1. Hey there! I’m the guy who made the article on Phenomena on Break. Thanks for referring us there!

    I read MamaPop’s take on it, and yes, it’s only based on the movies, but then again so was most of mine. I follow the comics, though, so I guess I’m fairer – and I planned to refer to much of the comics in Part 2, which I never got around to writing.
    Personally, I prefer the Caped Crusader, both as a character and as a story protagonist. I’d choose his classic, noir-styre tales over any of Marvel’s over-the-top stories. In fact, Batman: The Long Halloween is my favorite comic book ever, because it mixes Batman’s great rogue gallery with a compelling and twisting tale. And it has Two-Face.

    You know, Phenomena on Break doesn’t usually get much comments beyond the little community we have, but that article attracted a lot of attention, which was unexpected, since I just wrote it for fun. It was a blast to do, and you’re compelling me to do Part 2. I never got around to finish my points, and I had a lot of interesting stuff to point out, so I just might.

    Thanks again.
    – Mythos

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