Iron Man sequel to feature War Machine and Mandarin

War Machine

To me, Iron Man is the best superhero movie ever. Well, that is because I consider The Dark Knight as a crime drama who happened to feature a guy in a cape. Anyway, Iron Man. It was pretty obvious that it will have a sequel with hints of War Machine and Mandarin shown in the first movie. And yes, fans, we have confirmation that these two will be in the next movie.

In a press fest for the upcoming Iron Man DVD, director Jon Favreau revealed a few details regarding the sequel. First, he’s intent on finally unleashing the War Machine character (Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes played by Terrence Howard). Second, he’s still struggling to envision the Mandarin character but he will undoubtedly use the Mandarin as the sequel’s villain. Third, the storyline might get influenced by the Invincible Iron Man arc penned by Matt Fraction.

And if you are fearing that Robert Downey Jr. won’t have any leeway to add some of his creative pizazz to the mix, he is currently working with Favreau and Justin Theroux (the script writer) on the early scripts.

The follow-up is set to be shown in April 2010.

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