Ozaki WoW dual bass speakers

Ozaki Woofer of Woofers Dual Bass Speakers

In these days where 5.1 speakers have become a de facto standard for any “decent” rig, who’s settling for a speaker system with only two satellite speakers? Well, those with a tight budget for one and perhaps those who aren’t too keen on getting decent sound for everyday multimedia needs.

These here have got to be a potential want-to-have for us here at Sugoi Stuff – the Ozaki WoW speakers. This new speaker line might only have two satellite speakers but mind you that they are 2.2 speaker sets. The “.2” means it’s got two bass drivers.

Boasting to be the only consumer speaker sets with double-bass, these Ozakis sure pack quite the low-end punch. WoW, just in case you’re wondering, stands for Woofer of Woofers and while Ozaki makes quite the claim, the woofers available with the series do trump most other woofers of systems in its price range.

Check out the thumbing double bass in these videos. Check out the thump of the double bass drivers. Makes you want to bring out some cling wrap, water and cornstarch and get your geek on.

For an SRP of Php 3,250 (for the 80-watt version), these still are a worthy contender to a 2.1 Altec Lansing speaker set like the VS2421. Plus you get more buck per bang on a peso to watt basis. Ozaki, in fact, wants to take on rivals such as Altec Lansing in providing consumers with quality sound systems on the cheap.

Only thing that’s lacking from the WoW series are additional jacks to hook up to your other accessories like earphones and such but all in all, great value for money. Ozaki WoW speakers are available in most leading computer and computing accessories stores. Expect some retailers to sell below the SRP.

Press Release from MSI-ECS

With the introduction of Ozaki WoW speakers in the Philippine market, audiophiles can now enjoy superior audio performance. The difference is made by its double bass channel. Dubbed as the “woofer of woofers”, Ozaki is the only speaker brand of its kind in the market which features two sound channel satellite speakers and double power subwoofers–promising first-class sound quality you’ve never heard before.

Rated between 40 watts to 80 watts (ms), the Ozaki WoW speakers deliver crisp and solid bass output and high sound pressure sensitivity. Ozaki WoW speakers come in 3 models: WoW 440, WoW 450, and WoW 580.

And the even better news–these woofers are reasonably priced, offering exceptional audio experience for less.

These high bass audio systems are made available locally by Ozaki’s exclusive distributor, MSI-ECS. For more product information and other related inquiries, contact Jonas Lim at 688-3732, email jlim@msi-ecs.com.ph, or visit www.msi-ecs.com.ph.

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