Ozaki iPill microphone

Ozaki iPill

No pill is probably better than Viagra. But this here’s a different kind of pill – the iPill. No, it’s not one of those pill cameras that you swallow for doctors to check your colon. iPod accessory and speaker maker Ozaki introduces a microphone for your iPod in “pill” form. The cover seems like a nice touch but given the size of this thing, it’s just bound to be misplaced. Interesting concept though.

World-famous maker of iPod accessories, Ozaki, reinvents the microphone. In the most innovative fashion yet, the Ozaki microphone comes in a “pill” form. Aptly dubbed the iPill, it has a capsule-like shape, consisting of two halves–one half is the protective cover, and the better half is the iPill’s 3.5mm connector.

Ozaki iPill is the newest on-the-go mic for iPod, especially made and designed for iPod nano and touch. It has an outstanding sound quality, and works with third party applications so you can do more with your iPod.

Ozaki is exclusively distributed in the country by MSI-ECS Phils., Inc. For more product information and other inquiries, email marketing@msi-ecs.com.ph, call 688-3180 / 688-3181, or visit www.msi-ecs.com.ph.

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  1. The srp of this is P750. iPill is compatible with iPods nano 4G & touch 2G.

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