Do-it-yourself Voodoo

If anyone knows where to buy this, let me know and I’ll do one ritual for you, free of charge.

Ushinokokumairi – or the Japanese version of the voodoo practice – is just one kit away, and costs roughly Php 5,500 (11,000 yen).

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Actually, we’re really harmless.
Photo courtesy of: Juergen Specht

According to Juergen Specht‘s site, the basic Ushinokokumairi home kit includes the straw doll (wara ningyo), a hammer (yes, a hammer), Japanese cedar (to substitute for the cedar trees in shrines, where this ritual should be performed) and a curse-blocking bracelet, just in case something goes funny. But hey, making someone fall in love with you, or die from something as inexplicable as watching a video tape must be priceless. Plus, the kit – complete with the basic ritual instruments and a MANUAL – gets delivered to your doorstep so you can do it in the confines of your own home. Oh, provided that you do it at around 2 in the morning starting from a full moon night, faithfully for 7 days. Now, all you have to do is to get those hair strands from her hairbrush, or some piece of his clothing, and you’re all set to unleash some wicked power. 😛

Or if you’d rather sit back and just wait for that turn of events, you can always contact the kit makers and they’ll do the ritual for you. For about Php 25,000! Now, where’s the fun in that? *evil grin* Too bad the site doesn’t say anything about kit sellers (Are they even levied witholding tax for their services? I wonder. Whoa. The Japanese voodoo industry.)

Seems like the kit doesn’t say anything about “karma” from performing the ritual either. (Or maybe it’s a small footnote in the manual? There has to be some sort of payback, right? Do (insert good spell) and you will have pretty boys/girls fawning over you for the next ten years. Do (insert curse) here and . . . .wait for some thank-you notes because you did some people a favor? -_-;; Let’s see.)

More details here , complete with the pictures and the ritual information! 😛

Author: Sushi Boi

Sushi Boi is the sugoi power behind the scenes. Do not mess with him or face his wrath. But he is really really nice, promise.

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  1. Hnm. I’ll just have the straw doll, thank you very much.

    And yey! Ami’s first post!

  2. Voodoo! Imma curse ye man!

    Say hello to our beloved contributor, Ami! Heehee.

  3. no thanks, not voodoo dolls, the bratzz should be ok for my kids.

  4. Hay naku, you know naman in Japan. They sell crucified Santas in toy stores!

  5. Fushigi-shigi makafushigi ruwa…

  6. shigi-shigi!

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