I adore Anna Tsuchiya

I adore Anna Tsuchiya! She’s so cute! I loved her as the female moped-biker thug Ichiko in Shimotsuma Monogatori (a.k.a. Kamikaze Girls). Anyway, here she is in a Beauteen commercial.

Oh, Beauteen is a hair color brand which I tried using aeons ago (yes, as a Japayuki). I bought one bottle for around 650 yen (approximately 325 plus pesos at that time). I remember that it was my first personal encounter with hair color and I was very excited.

After an hour of tortuous waiting, I dropped the towel-turban wound about my head. I emitted a yelp when I saw that instead of the “hot pink” stated on the package, my hair turned tangy tangerine. Apparently, according to a friend, who was an expert in hair color, my own tresses were too “black” to color pink.

Alright, I know I’m digressing. Just watch the darn clip. *Sigh*

BONUS: Name that tune! Answer on my next post!

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