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Christine Gambito is teh female Rex Navarrete.

happy slip

Christine a.k.a. Happy Slip Productions is (mostly) a one-woman production team behind “Mixed Nuts” – the video that won second place for Best Comedy at the 2006 YouTube Video Awards.

For me, Christine’s humor resembles that of Mr. FOBulous himself (Rex Navarrete). Not only do both of them share the same background of being Fil-Am’s raised by pure-blooded Pinoy parents (whose Tagalog accents are still intact), but both also have the talents of comedic timing and mimicry. The similarities end there, I suppose.

For while Rex is basically a stand-up comic, Christine, on the other hand, expresses (writes and directs and shoots and stars) her comic abilities through funny 3-5 minute videos playing different characters. While Rex is a little crude and ahem, bastos, Christine threads with a more wholesome and feminine approach. This gives her short masterpieces a fresh appeal. Rex pokes fun of his husky-man looks (and he’s not ugly! He resembles the funny balikbayan Uncle… more like a Tito Boy hehe), while Christine seems to be unaware of her cute and sweet girl-next-door type of beauty.

Why am I going into all of these? I’m not even a patient reviewer. Anyway, I guess I love them both and they make us Pinoys all over the world proud.

And yeah… to Ms. Christine, congratulations!

Bonus video of Rex Navarrete (just so you know what I’m talking about :P):

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