And the sign says…

In the tradition of my previous post Bawal Ano?, I am bringing you some of the funniest photos of real signs from all over the Metro and beyond (yep one is not from good old Pinas I think). These stuff are taken by various Pinoy photographers, (Thanks, guys!).

But before you read further, have to rate this post for adult humor:


So if you’re ready, hold your stitches. This is gonna be a pretty painful experience.

Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

Oo nga! Maawa naman kayo! *insert Lovingly Yours, Helen theme*

Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

Kung ako yung halaman, bubugbugin ko yung nagpangalan sa akin. Kainis!

Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

So how do you pronounce this one?

Camera at Pustiso
Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

Would you? Maybe we can get a discount if you avail of the other service. What do you think?

Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

Wow, man! Space out, man! Heaven, man!

Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

Blech! No, thank you very much. I think I’ll stick to cucumber and butter.

Image taken from: Photo.Net.Ph

Iyan ang marketing!

Image taken from: Political Pinoy

Just in case it’s your birthday and you want to hold a blow… out.

Image taken from: Go Pilipinas

Please, make sure that the “I” doesn’t fall off next time.

Image taken from: Political Pinoy

And they say Soup Number 5 is weird. Let’s just hope it’s the name of the proprietor and not what they serve. Tsk!

Thanks to the following sites for the peekchurs:
Political Pinoy
Go Pilipinas

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  1. grabe.. i’m gonna link to this page.. XDDD

  2. hehe pamatay ba? i think i’ll be posting more stuff like this 😀

  3. Ate Flori pamatay nga. Naalala ko tuloy nung nasa Mang Jimmy’s ako, may nakalagay sa board: Menu: tapos Desert: Amf!

  4. Tapos pahabol pa ito classic.

    Ale: Ano po ang drinks ninyo?
    Itachi: May Rootbeer/Sarsi kayo?
    Ale: Wala.
    Itachi: Eh Sprite?
    Ale: Wala.
    Itachi: Montain Dew?
    Ale: Wala rin po.
    Itachi: (hmmm) Eh ano ang mayron kayo?
    Ale: Pepsi lang po.

    (anak ng Pating, graaaah!)

  5. Hahaha, nakakatawa naman talaga eh.

    Desert ba? Hahaha, pati pala si Mang Jimmy minsan may lapse din hehe. At least Mang Jimmy ang pangalan niya at hindi _____.

    Ibang level kasi ang Pepsi 😀

  6. Laughed my head off when I finally understood the “Final Exams” thing xD

  7. Hey, I think that kind of exam does exist. Especially in UP before enrolling as freshies, am I right menfolks? Nyahahaha!

  8. hahahahaha……chou omoroi na korya!! ^^

  9. hahahaha kansai-ban ba yan?


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